One-half day of time, 4-5 hours in a community, with 2 sessions of 1 - 2 hours each to 2 different audiences in one day in one community. These 8 presentations are motivational, understandable, practical and not technical, with donor stories to illustrate concepts, with materials furnished for duplication. Those audiences in a community could be a continuing education program for local professional advisors (one session only if 3 CLE hours that day), Boards and volunteers, and also area donors and prospects. An added benefit to this service is that Consultant will offer to answer follow-up phone calls and emails without charge from attendees, which has in past resulted in planned gifts. Client is encouraged to invite nearby foundations and other local charities to attend the sessions for greater publicity, media attention, and prospect invite list.

Presentation Synopses

 Realities of Planned  Giving
 Donor Benefits in Charitable Gift Plans
 Eleven Steps to Jump Start Planned Giving
 I Don't Know Anything About You
 Simpler Gift Plans
 Talking to Real People About Real Gifts
 Recognition Programs